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What is Invisaflects®?

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Invisaflects® is a unique set of coatings including White Lightscene, Reflective Roof Technology Elastomeric Paint, Angel Air, and Diamond. Each product offers a distinct benefit to the user. When applied to the roof of a refrigerated trailer, the fuel savings are tremendous. Because there is little to no insulation applied from the factory, refrigerated trailers are inherently extremely inefficient. By reflecting UV and Infared Rays, Invisaflects Reflective Coating has proven to reduce fuel consumption up to 50% or more for the lifetime of your trailer.

Invisaflects controls heat transfer in two ways:

1.Coated Ceramic Microspheres inside the coating create a radiant barrier that is seen by infrared and ultraviolet light but are invisible to your eye. NASA invented this technology for extreme heat reflection.

2.The color of the paint is extremely reflective to radiant energy in an outdoor application.

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What is the difference between gloss white paint and invisaflects?

Invisaflects offers a unique combination of technology which both increases the reflectivity effectiveness of the coating as well as the durability. Invisaflects is simply a superior product when compared to "similar" alternatives. Better reflectivity and insulating properties produce better results. Our coating will still work when your trailer is dirty, and continues to offer fuel cost savings for the life of the trailer. Our customers have been extremely happy with the durability of the coating and have even joked that when their trailer was totaled, the roof still looked like the day we painted it. 


How Long Does Invisaflects Coating Last?

Invisaflects Coating has proven to last approximately the life of a typical trailer. 15-20 years can be expected. Simply put, none of our clients have had the coating deteriorate before the rest of the trailer was unusable.


How Is Invisaflects Coating Applied?

We provide all the necessary equipment to prepare and apply your coating to your trailer.Application is simple:

1) Wash the trailer roof

2) Sand the roof to provide better adhesion 

3) Wash the roof one final time

4) Apply Invisaflects with provided rollers and additional application tools.

5) Let dry.

Enjoy Your Savings

See Invisaflects In Action


What type of savings can you expect?

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