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Invisaflects Payback Guarantee for Refrigerated Trailers


The purpose of this financial guarantee is to insure to the buyer a set financial payback caused by the performance of Invisaflects coatings on the top of a refrigeration trailer.  Invisaflects will pay any deficiency between the purchase price of our coatings and the first years savings created by our coatings using the methodology contained below.


Most customers are able to see that within one month their fuel consumption is very different than before.  This along with much shorter cool down periods are very convincing of the effectiveness of Invisaflects coatings.


In the event that it is not strikingly evident the refrigeration trailer is using much less fuel, there is a process for determining very scientifically the savings we have accomplished by adding the coatings. 


The process is very simple.  We run the refrigerated trailer beside an uncoated trailer for 24 hours and measure the fuel consumption difference.  The trailers should be empty at the time of the test and be of similar age.  The temperature should be set to 32 degrees F for both trailers.  The weather must be above 60 degrees Fahrenheit and should be sunny or only partly cloudy.  Both fuel tanks must be fueled up to the point where fuel is dripping out.  After the 24 hours test is run, both fuel tanks must be filled back to the point where the fuel is dripping out.  The fuel receipts are then compared to see how many gallons have been used.  


The difference in consumption is divided by the amount used by the uncoated trailer usage which yields the savings percentage.  As an example, if 9 gallons was the difference between trailers and the uncoated trailer burned 24 gallons and the coated trailer burned 15 gallons, we would take 9 divided by 24 and get a percentage saved of 37.5 %. 


We would then take the past years fuel receipts for the coated trailer and determine the gallons typically used in a year.  We then take the gallons used multiplied by 37.5% and then multiplied by the average cost of diesel for the period from the time the trailer was coated until the testing time. If the coated trailer is new with no usage history, we will use an average of all trailers in the owners fleet from the prior year.


                                                5000 gallons x .375 = 1875 gallons saved

                                                1875 gallons x $2.75=  $5156.25 saved



Michael W. Temple, President of Invisaflects

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