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We offer a money-back guarantee, if your investment has not paid for itself in full after 12 months,

Invisaflects Heat Reflective Coating is a specially formulated application that is simply “painted” on the roof of your refrigeration trailer. Make no mistake, Invisaflects is NOT simply high gloss white paint as some other companies offer. Our application has scientifically engineered reflective and insulating properties that are proven far more effective than simple white paint. We have performed side by side testing with our clients and compared detailed fuel consumption analytics for two identical trailers taking the same route. This reporting has proven that coating your trailer with Invisaflects results in significant savings for very little investment. Invisaflects is also shown to be more resilient than standard paints as well. A recent client stated that he encountered hail-storms that resulted in a total loss on his truck and trailer, yet the roof coating looked as good as the day it was applied. With our 5-year warranty, you can rest assured, that your investment and your savings are well protected.

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